- Calgary Mobile Notary Services

Helpful Hints

Making sure your documents are correct.


  1. Make sure your document(s) are neat, clean, smudge free and not taped together.
  2. Make sure that you have current positive photo ID with a signature on the photo ID.  EXAMPLE; drivers license, military ID, etc. If using a province issued ID you must provide an original, signed non laminated, valid social security card. We reserve the right to reject any identification you might present that we are not comfortable with.
  3. Do not sign any document(s) until the notary arrives; it may void the document(s).
  4. Make sure your document preparer has notated all the places where signatures are required and all the document signers should FULLY UNDERSTAND the document(s) they are signing before it is notarized. 
  6. Have all parties that need to sign the document(s), including the document holder, available at the same place and time of the signing.
  7. Witnesses
    Please ensure if your document(s) requires witnesses that you bring them with you, and ensure that they bring photo identification as well. You should check the instructions with your documents and/or with your counsel for witness requirements. Generally, witnesses must be of age in your jurisdiction and not involved in the matters addressed in the documents.


Types of Documents we Notarize
  1. Notarization of Documents
    Notarization of all documents for domestic or international use - Affidavits, Declarations and Statutory Declarations - Letters of Invitation to foreigners in support of an application for a visitors visa to Canada - Affidavits to transfer ownership of vehicles - All other affidavits (i.e. for professional accreditation, court proceedings, insurance claims, etc.)
  2. Permanent Resident Card Applications
    Oath commissioned by a Notary Public - Certification of applicants photograph - Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor - Certification of supporting documents
  3. Consent to Travel
    Preparation and execution of sworn consent for child's travel without one or both parents
  4. Certification of Online Documents
    We can certify on-line documents by printing them off a current/live official website and notorize and affirm that the print-out is a true copy of the electronic version.
  5. Certification of Copied Documents
    Certification of a copy of a document by a Notary Public. - Calgary Mobile Notary Public Services